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I founded Pet Pampering Plus in May of 2006. I started out as a Biology major at UNT, but graduated as an English major. I soon realized that I needed to get back to my passion: animals. I grew up with a fascination of all types of animals and have owned cats, dogs, fish, frogs, hamsters, lizards, a turtle, a chinchilla, and a very spoiled house rabbit.  I am currently owned by 2 very pampered cats. I am a volunteer for the Humane Society of Flower Mound. I also run a couple of donation boxes for the North Texas Pet Food Pantry. I have been certified in pet first aid twice and I continue to take online classes on behavior and nutrition. No matter how long you work with pets, there is always more to learn. My clients have all become like family to me and I want the very best for everyone’s furry, scaly and feathered friends. I truly thank you for trusting me with your home and pets.



Jerry, my husband, started out as an occasional back up sitter, but he quickly learned that he had a natural knack with animals and enjoyed working with them. He's been called a cat and dog whisperer. Although we work with many rescue dogs, Jerry hasn't met one that he can't win over.



Eddie is a close friend of ours that joined the team in 2016. Eddie shares his home with his spoiled rescue dog. One of his favorite lines is, "All dogs are my friend, they just don't know it yet." Eddie primarily provides boarding, but he also backs us up as needed.

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